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Car tracking system is a solution that offers the opportunity for an individual or a company to view, control and secure a terminal in a map through software most often accessible from the Internet. Data recorded by the tracking’s module can be viewed in real time or later.

Specialist of the mobile resource management of the company, WMEGA associated with its range of innovative services such as geolocation using the driver, eco-driving, the analysis of feedback related to vehicles and their movements and geo-security. The offers WMEGA propose allow you to manage a fleet remotely to reduce costs associated with the activity.


These solutions provide functions such as preparing and monitoring missions, real-time location, the rise of statutes and editing reports. To increase productivity, we have developed solutions to the driver. The employee has access to different mobile services such as GPS naviguation, communication with the company and the emergency call, planing activities or missions.


WMEGA also provides access to technology CANBus intercepting data, allowing remote access to the technical information of the fleet, to facilitate maintenance and improve the quality of the services of the driver. These services reduce fuel costs and significantly contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.


What are the beneficts ?

​Real-time knowledge of your entire fleet's location
Detailed fleet records, accessible via the web or printed for permanent files
Significant fuel cost reduction
Measuring how long drivers are taking at each job or delivery or stop
Accurately recording your vehicles' activities throughout the day (i.e., how long a truck was stopped at a point etc)
Amplify the speed and quality of work
Increase the safety of its fleet 

Why to install this system ?

​GPS system in the workplace is almost always synonymous with increased productivity, fuel savings, communication savings and increased security. In addition, these solutions provide those chief fleet an overview and a better response time to incidents. This allows the company using a GPS system to improve customer service and reduce costs to increase competivity.

For what kind of vehicles ?

GPS system is open to all public, company or individual, all desiring to ensure continuous monitoring of :
  • Vehicles
  • Generators
  • Barges and boats
  • Motorcycles and others with a direct impact on the profitability and security.
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